Today’s Colours

Trittico colori di oggiThe educational activities and dissemination

Today the zoo is a place where you can meet the animals, get to know them and help to protect them.

The educational activities are placed in the trust of the Biodiversity Laboratory, a structure within the park where the real educational centre is.

The visitor is involved in numerous activities in which they can learn how to look after the natural world. A day at the zoo can teach them how to choose the right pet for them or how to oppose the illegal trade of parrots, learn the secret of birds of prey and find out how to protect bears.

A commitment to conservation

The Zoo, besides caring for all the present species, participates in international programmes for threatened species (EEP European Endangered Species Programmes) in collaboration with the network of European zoos. There is a strong commitment to on-site conservation projects.

For further information, check out the page dedicated to Conservation

Rethinking the spaces

The long process of renewal is made possible thanks to the support of visitors. The story I want to tell you today regards the encounter between man and nature, not only in the aspects of conflict but increasingly those of wonder and enchantment.

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