Future goals

The recent acquisition of a new area on the western border of the park, doubles the current extension: a dream come true to make way for a zoo which is still taking shape.

Next steps include the new elephant exhibit.

Trittico futuro

Dreams and challenges are enclosed in the Zoo Director’s words:

Dr-Paolo-CavicchioSome evenings, while going back home to my family, I struggle to believe that the project described in our story will be easy to achieve. At times I think that the company I manage is only a factory of dreams.

However, I am aware that my passion for my job and my team’s devotion will surely help make this dream come true.

The transformation of the zoo has just begun. With a rich history in events and professional experiences, the zoo is now ready to face a new, long and difficult road.

“I dream of a park which will be a shelter for animals against an environment which is getting more and more peculiar, a sort of ‘safe ark’ that will help them fight future threats. This park will not only be a source of knowledge about the wonders of nature for visitors, but also a place of reference on the road towards sustainable uses of our planet’s stock of earth’s natural resources.

Mankind enjoys a challenge: I believe that your support will help me win this one.”

Dott. Paolo Cavicchio

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