A SUPER GREEN PASS  (i.e. the certificate issued following vaccination or recovery from COVID) will be required to visit the zoo. . This provision applies to all people over the age of 12, as per current regulations.

 We ask you kindly to refrain from visiting if you:

  • are exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or a temperature above 37.5 ° C, or if you come from high-risk areas
  • have been in close contact with someone showing symptoms.
  • have been in close contact with someone who has been abroad.

What we expect of you:

SOCIAL DISTANCING: Stay 1.8 meters away from fellow guests and park staff.
HAND HYGIENE: disinfect your hands frequently (children included);
WEAR A MASK INDOOR: you must wear a face covering indoor (children under the age of 6 excluded);
ADULT SUPERVISION make sure your children comply with all behavioral rules.


1.Is a reservation necessary to enter the Zoo?


2.I know that the Zoo is in trouble due to the long closure during the Coronavirus outbreak. How can I support you? 

Coming to visit us is the most important thing you can do. However, animal adoptions are a great way to directly support our animals and our conservation work. You can choose to ADOPT A SPECIES or make a direct donation to the following IBAN: IT16T0867313802061000514008 ref. DONATION TO THE PISTOIA ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN

3.Can I bring a packed lunch? 

Yes, picnic tables are available

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