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Plan your visit to Pistoia Zoo

Every time you visit the zoo, you support nature: your admission ticket allows us to save endangered species and to carry out all our projects. We work hard every day to make your visit fun and exciting; choose the details to plan your day!

We are here for you every day of the year

Admission hours vary throughout the year. View our tickets and prices for you or your group before visiting us.

Buy your tickets for yourself or whoever you want

Choose to experience the Zoo for a single day or a whole year or participate in the life of the GZP by adopting a species. Your days with us are unique, why not share the zoo with those you love!

Don't leave anything to chance

Every adventure needs attention to detail: just like a good traveler plan your trip, food and overnight stay.

Lo sapevi che...

We collaborate with other zoos

We continuously share information and experience with the zoos and aquariums that are part of the Italian, European and global Associations.

You are our only financier

The GZP is supported by paying visitors, many of whom choose to become members to support the Zoo and its mission.

The animals do not come from the wild

They were either born here or relocated from other zoos, thanks to projects for the conservation of endangered species or cooperation programmes between zoo.

Vivi le experience

Incontra i pinguini, immergiti nella magia del giurassico in 3D, esplora il Parco di notte, apriti un varco tra i lemuri, ascolta una storia attorno al fuoco…
Hai solo l’imbarazzo della scelta!

Esplora la Natura con la tua Classe

Quanto pesa un cucciolo di orso? Quale percorso seguono le microplastiche? Chi vive nel sottoterra? Quante varietà di mela esistono?
Trova il tema adatto per i tuoi alunni e la loro età



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