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scopri il parco
scopri il parco

The Pistoia Zoological Garden

A 50-plus year history taking care of endangered species and having an enthusiastic and innovative professional staff is not enough to open the doors of the Pistoia Zoo every day.  It requires a shared mission and the resolve to be a center of ideas and substance to protect nature.

Mission and history

The roots of the zoo’s identity are in its history, which is outlined in our shared mission.


Every day a team of professionals makes the Zoo a place for safeguarding endangered species.  They also welcome and entertain all visitors.


We are home to over 550 animals that belong to endangered species and serve as ambassadors for natural environments that need our attention.  They arrive at the Zoo through European management programs and are a heritage we all share.


Our garden offers the experience of a naturalistic visit, where you can enjoy different species of plants all year round.  It is also fundamental in support of local fauna.

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Scopri i progetti che sosteniamo, le storie degli animali del Parco e come vivere in modo sostenibile. Curiosità e ultime notizie dalla Natura ma anche il divenire del Parco e le bio dei tuoi animali preferiti.

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