The Zoological Gardens of Pistoia is a 7-hectares zoo with more than 400 animals and is in continuous expansion. In a captivating world you will get to know the animals, the different ways to protect them, and you will learn how to respect the planet.
Thanks to its size and importance of its educational and conservation activities, this park has become one of the main zoological institutions in Italy.
Our mission: to be a center that raises public awareness of biodiversity and its value to human life.

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  • Participating in conservation programmes

    By getting involved you are funding our conservation projects in the wild. In recent years, we have been involved in the protection of: Lemur Lemur catta- broad gentle Lemur Madagascar Brown Bear Marsicano-Griffin-Aurora-Etna Italy Leontipetco black head-Brazil-South Africa African penguin pink-cheeked Gibbon Vietnam

  • No funding

    The Park has only one source of financing which comes from visitors. Many of them choose to subscribe in order to support even more projects and our values.

  • Zoos work together

    Our species conservation experience comes from the continuous exchange of knowledge between zoos. Birth of animals is not always a special event. In some cases birth control is necessary so as not to have too many animals of the same breed.

  • Constantly changing

    Over the past 15 years the zoo has undertaken a process of profound transformation; we are working on completing it as soon as possible.

  • Zoo animals are not taken from their natural environment

    They were born here or come from other zoos. The transfers are due to projects supporting the preservation of endangered species or collaborative programmes among zoos.

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