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Thanks to visitors’ contributions, we support projects in different parts of the world to protect the habitats of endangered animal species.

In most cases, we fund associations that work on extensive training of local populations so that they take on board the value of protecting forests or guarding land that is the scene of poaching. In some cases, the projects involve the reforestation of degraded areas; in others, the census and study of animals belonging to little known species already at risk of extinction.

Thanks to financial support from the Park, it is possible to pay the rangers’ salaries, buy equipment or support educational projects at village schools.

Behind every project there is passion and people: travel with us to get to know their stories. You will be fascinated.

In Vietnam for Asian Otters

Un’ Accademia per la fauna selvatica

A sostegno della SANCCOB

Studiare i Binturong

Insieme in Madagascar

A difesa del Gibbone di Annam

In support of Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. (concluded)

In Nepal a fianco del Red Panda Network

How can you become our ally in everyday life?

Nature conservation is a complex process that needs everyone’s commitment. Often the sum of many small actions can really make a difference. Find out how you can be our ally in meeting this challenge together in order to learn to live sustainably so that our presence on planet Earth is in harmony with other species.

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Directly fund conservation projects that protect animals in their natural habitats.


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