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Protect the Nature

Every time you enter the Zoo, you play a direct role in protecting nature.  Your entrance ticket enables us to maintain and breed endangered species, support natural habitat conservation projects, and conduct research and teaching activities.  Thank you for being our partner!

The GZP around the World

Every year we support projects that protect nature worldwide thanks to visitors’ contributions.  Some of our success-story stars are the red pandas, African penguins, and northern yellow-cheeked crested gibbons.

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Join us

Directly fund conservation projects that protect animals in their natural habitats.

Research: a conservation tool

Getting to know the species is essential to be able to safeguard them.  We have numerous partnerships with universities through doctoral and research theses.  The data is shared and used for activities in the wild.  All results, collected in an international database (“Species360”), are also used for wildlife management.

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