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In support of Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. (concluded)

The Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W. is a non-profit organization that assists animals in Tanzania. It specialises in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and abused wildlife. The founders of the rescue centre are Dr Laszlo Paizs and Dr Elisabeth Stegmaier who, in the mid-1990s, moved from Germany to Africa with the intention of putting their veterinary knowledge and passion at the service of animals in need of intervention.
Makoa Farm is their base camp.
The staff supporting the two veterinary practitioners consists of young people who are trained directly on site and Barbara Glatz, an animal trainer and an expert in animal behaviour: she’s responsible for interpreting the needs of the rescued animals and teaching them to trust humans, which is the first step towards saving them.


If an injured animal or a missing cub is reported, the KILI C.R.E.W. staff set off to locate the animal in order to rescue it.These are often the results of poaching (a baby elephant found next to its mother who was killed for her ivory tusks) or animals injured in wildlife traps or road accidents.

Animal rescue and transfer to the centre are very delicate actions: the animals are not accustomed to humans and need time to trust them slowly slowly in order to accept milk or veterinary treatment.

Makoa Farm is also a centre for educating children and young people from neighbouring villages. They are taught basic school subjects (reading, writing, mathematics and English) as well as the importance of wildlife conservation.

The Centre's animals

Kilimanjaro animal C.R.E.W is the only elephant rescue centre in Tanzania and currently houses 6 elephants: the largest is Savannah, who arrived in 2019. Suzie the sheep is there to welcome the terrified cubs. She is a real ‘pet sheep’ who helps the newest arrivals to fit into the group. Then there are the zebras, birds, servals, porcupines all of which have incredible stories that have won the hearts of us all.


        • The centre is home to animals that need to be bred, others that are being treated for trauma and some that will never be released as they are unable to regain their independence.
        • Among the many stories, some have happy endings, likeTom and Jerry, two newly released servals, and Tai, the Palm vulture who has returned to flight after a bad fall from a tree when he was a chick.
        • The project has been completed.

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