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Together in Madagascar

In north-east Madagascar, a group of primatologists from the University of Turin, coordinated by Prof. Cristina Giacoma, is leading the Volohasy (bamboo in Malagasy) project in the Maromizaha forest to protect two species of lemurs that feed mainly on bamboo: the Grey Apalemur (Hapalemur griseus) and the Big-nosed Lemur (Prolemur simus), a species thought to be extinct that was rediscovered in this very area in numbers of around 250 individuals.


All Moramizaha’s lemurs are threatened by habitat degradation that has suffered over time from fires to make way for farmland and illegal logging for the timber trade. Added to this is the illegal capture of the lemurs for trade as pets.

The project

It is planned to restore degraded forest areas with the planting of Madagascan bamboo plants grown in nurseries managed by the local population. Part of the funding is dedicated to training forest rangers and environmental education activities to raise awareness in local communities of the importance of the forest.

Results to 2021:

  • 1 hectare of degraded land has been planted with 150 endemic bamboo trees, 300 voapaka., 100 makouba and 100 fruit trees
  • 3 groups of grey Apalemure have started to frequent the bamboo-planted forest area
  • the creation of an alternative income to the use of the forest for people living in villages adjacent to the forest
  • educational activities have reached adults and children

The next goal is to extend the forest restoration by another 2 hectares.


Follow all stages of the project

Download the updated report to follow the Volohasy project at every stage.

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