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In Nepal alongside the Red Panda Network

The Red Panda Network is the most important association for the protection of lesser pandas (Ailiurus fulgens) and has been working for many years in Nepal in the distribution areas of this species, which is among the 100 most threatened in the world.

The threats

In the last 20 years we have lost 50% of the lesser pandas due to the decrease and fragmentation of bamboo forests, their ideal habitat. Most of the lesser pandas live outside protected areas in territory interrupted by roads, villages, dams and mines. Poachers also capture the cubs to sell them as pets and kill the adults for their soft fur.

Guardiani della Foresta - Red Panda Network

The project

GZP is committed to supporting the ‘Guardians of the Forest’ programme, which pays rangers involved in both monitoring and protecting the habitat of the lesser panda and in raising awareness among the local population. community involvement is key to protecting the bamboo forests, the main food of this beautiful species.


Thanks to the work of the Red Panda Network today we have:

  • 500,000 hectares of protected forest
  • 23,000 local schoolchildren educated about the importance of pandas
  • 2000 families involved in programmes for sustainable forest use
  • 111 Forest Guardians

(data January 2022)

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