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S.O.S. Singing Lemurs

In the Maromizaha Dragon Tree Forest in eastern Madagascar, the team of primatologists and ethologists at the Ethology Laboratory of the Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology (DBIOS) have been working for 15 years to gather more and more information on this wonderful primate that cannot be bred outside its habitat.

The threats

Indri are threatened by deforestation caused by setting fire to their habitat to make way for vast plantations and also illegal timber trade. This is compounded by hunting for their meat and fur.

The project

The first thing to do is to try and protect this wonderful primate by carrying out is to surveys on the number of reproductive nuclei.

Indri are capable of emitting complex, singing sounds that vary according to whether it is a male or a female singing. There are also individual timbres, and recognising them is crucial to counting individuals and collecting behavioural data.

It is of great importance to organise divulgation among the local population to counter the illegal killing of Indri.


    A few months ago, GZP participated in a fundraising activity which enabled researchers to purchase:

    • • 25 photo-traps to photograph and film the animals without disturbing them, thanks to infrared sensor technology

      • • 5 GPS to record the satellite geographical location of an animal or its trail

        • • 5 recorders to record ‘songs’ and create a useful archive for recognising individuals

          • • 5 video cameras to film the Indri during the day and study their behaviour

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