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An Academy for Wildlife

The Akademie fur Zoo-und Wildtierschutz e.V. was founded in 2010 by Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner and Dr. Julia Gräfin Maltzan with the aim of supporting wildlife in zoos, rescue centres or nature reserves worldwide. Their expertise in wildlife veterinary medicine is invaluable whenever it is necessary to handle a wild animal in order to breed it, transfer it or reintroduce it into the wild.


The academy provides material and technical support to different projects where veterinary medical expertise is needed, in particular anaesthesia at remote locations. At the centre of the varied activity is the training of veterinary doctors in zoos, sanctuaries, national parks who have been participating in veterinary services to wildlife for more than 40 years.

Latest projects

Recently, the Academy has been involved in various projects, for example by supporting the Salzburg Zoological Garden in the breeding of white rhinoceroses by artificial insemination, in Tanzania with the Kilimanjaro Animal CREW, which is an association devoted to the fight against poaching, or in Indonesia for a training course for veterinarians.


  • Salzburg: birth of 3 white rhinos
  • Tanzania: in addition to help running the centre, the Academy has donated 300 tonnes of milk substitute developed by Henning Wiesner and Julia Gräfin Maltzan for breeding orphaned elephants and other species
  • Sulawesi (Indonesia): anaesthesiology and wildlife management training course for 15 veterinarians on the island

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